Wednesday, November 26, 2014

White Sage Infused Honey

White Sage growing in the garden

Harvested white sage, hung to dry

Dried sage leave, infusing in honey
I had decided to grow white sage in my garden, having read that this is the variety of sage used for cleansing or smudging, and medicinally as well.  In the hot, dry climate of Temecula, my sage plant thrived, although I had to spray the leaves from time to time with water, to be rid of pesky aphids.  White sage has a very strong odor, pungent and almost overpowering.  When the plant was fully developed, I gathered my sage and hung the branches to dry.  Recently, I was suffering the beginning twinges of a sore throat.  Honey works well to soothe my coughs and minor sore throats issues.  I had read about herb-infused honey and the medicinal properties of white sage.  So there you go...I have white sage and honey in a jar, steeping in the sun.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

White Spanish Onion, summer harvest

O beautiful White Spanish Onion, I have waited patiently for you to grow.  See how round this one is?  14" circumference and perfectly shaped, I have plans for this one.
Sprouts growing in the garden
Summer harvest
Tah dah!  Time for yummy goodness!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Onions and Garlic, home grown

Onions and garlic, homegrown
Yesterday, I dug out the onions; a week before, the garlic.  Here's the harvest, in a shady spot outside, curing.  Both the onions and the garlic were grown in containers in a good quality, moisture-control potting soil mix. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's tomato time!

Here they are, heirloom tomatoes of the Marglobe variety, fresh from my garden.  My tomatoes grew small, measuring only 2" to 3" in diameter.  Aside from planting the seedling, purchased from the local nursery, and staking it early on, I did very little maintenance.  I was lucky in that there were no problems with hornworms or other kinds, and the plant has remained healthy and disease free.  From Wikipedia, I have copied the following information:

  • "The Marglobe tomato was developed in 1917 by Frederick J. Pritchard of the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Experiment Station by crossing the Globe and Marvel tomatoes ("Marglobe" is a fusion of the two names). It was publicly released by the USDA in 1925, and was one of the first disease-resistant strains that also had a good resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt.[1] The Marglobe tomato is the parent of many tomato varieties, such as Rutgers."

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's tomato time!

Better Bush tomatoes
Sun Sweet cherry tomatoes up front; plum tomatoes in the background
Mid-July and it's tomato time!  Tomatoes are ripening on the vine, and every day I pick a few.  This has been my most successful tomato growing season ever.  I attribute this partly to the varieties that I chose to grow this year and, more importantly, to the good growing conditions as a result of Ray's help in building raised beds and installing irrigation.  I have had zero success with zucchini and pumpkin and pulled the plants early due to mosaic virus and leaf miners that wouldn't quit.  Growing watermelons was another failure.  Homegrown watermelon, zucchini and pumpkins sound like such a fun project, but I doubt I'll be trying that again. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"I'm just a lucky duck..."

Herb garden in the making...
This past weekend, Papa Paz worked in the hot summer heat, amending the poor soil on the hillside at Wienie Dog Hill, to prepare for fall planting and to help me realize my greatest dream: to create a heavenly herb garden.  It's not fall yet and probably a bit too warm to be planting; but, with careful tending and mindful watering, the plants should survive these hot Temecula summer days.  I have studied all the herb books in my library and have researched all kinds of herb varieties.  This a work in progress: planning, picking, and finally planting carefully selected herbs and flowers.  So far, I have put in one of each of the following: Barbeque Rosemary, Coronation Gold yarrow, French lavender, white sage, Echinacea (White Pow Wow), a miniature white rose bush, and a Lamb's Ear plant.  The soil is just perfect, thanks to Ray's good efforts, so now it remains for me to be patient and see how everything grows.  More likely than not, I'll be moving plants around like musical chairs until I find just the right balance.