Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 Winter Planting

Living in this temperate climate in Temecula, at the northern border of San Diego County, the weather variances are mild at best, although we do get a very small period of chill time.  This past winter, I've been holed up in the house entertaining guests during the holidays, as well as sewing, quilting and baking bread.  I thought I might have lost all interest in digging dirt, but my little garden beckons and with Spring in mind, I had to visit the nursery to buy those things that I grow every year about this time, here at the Casita:

  1. Walla walla onion sets
  2. Winterbor curly-leaf kale
  3. Cheerful violas and delicate poppies
  4. Bulbs that are already sprouted (daffodil and hyacinth)
  5. Flat-leaf parsley, cilantro and German thyme
The onions and kale are planted, and the rest will go in this week.  As for the rest of the garden, my ultra-dwarf apple and peach trees, now in their second or third season, are pruned and now waiting for the miracle of spring.

kale and onion sprouts

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer harvest 2015; container gardening

"Eight Ball" Zucchini
I do believe plants do better grown in the ground if possible; however, My garden is small and I grow my veggies in raised beds or containers.  Why?  Poor soil, limited space, for better control, those kinds of things.  Here's the best of the 2015 summer garden, grown from seed, at Paz Casita.  These are Eight Ball Zucchini and Little Price Eggplant.  Both varieties purchased from Renee's Garden online; both varieties are great for container gardening.  As you can see, success!

Eight Ball Zucchini  These round-shaped zucchini are firm and have excellent flavor.  I have had great success in cooking them on the grill, marinated in Italian dressing; frying them after dusting with flour (I used Mochiko sweet rice flour) and then dipping in an egg batter; and also grated for zucchini bread.  Next I'll be putting up some zucchini relish.  Must say that I still have a whole refrigerator drawer full of zucchini; they just keep coming.

Little Prince Eggplant  It's mid-August and the fruit of this eggplant variety are now setting.  Pictured are two plants in a container purchased from Home Depot, which measures about 24" x 30" and about 14" deep.  There are lots of blossoms and I'm thinking there will be a bountiful harvest to come.  These eggplant are supposed to  reach about 3" in size; so far, mine are about 1-1/2".  I'm leaving them hanging to see how large they will grow before becoming too seedy

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gnomes, gnomes, gnomes

See what I mean?  It has gotten out that this is a gnome-friendly abode.  They are tucked in here, there and everywhere.

There be gnomes in her garden!

Gnomes are tucked in here and there amongst the flowers and potted plants.  There are a handful of these bearded fellows in my garden.  I wanted to create a magical fairy garden, but instead of fairies, gnomes appeared. Whimsical and charming, cheerful and hardworking; these fellows do not disappoint.

Bits and Pieces


Mrs. Beasley
Every morning I am in the garden, first thing.  Earlier this Spring, I did a number of plantings, bits and pieces of garden whimsy tucked here and there.  Mrs. Beasley has found a spot next to the yarrow patch, Coronation Gold.  The blue, blue delphinium are stunning, highlighted by white primrose plants, all of these harbingers of springtime. 

Springtime 2015

Has it been that long since my last gardening post?  Spring is here and I find myself back in the garden.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

White Sage Infused Honey

White Sage growing in the garden

Harvested white sage, hung to dry

Dried sage leave, infusing in honey
I had decided to grow white sage in my garden, having read that this is the variety of sage used for cleansing or smudging, and medicinally as well.  In the hot, dry climate of Temecula, my sage plant thrived, although I had to spray the leaves from time to time with water, to be rid of pesky aphids.  White sage has a very strong odor, pungent and almost overpowering.  When the plant was fully developed, I gathered my sage and hung the branches to dry.  Recently, I was suffering the beginning twinges of a sore throat.  Honey works well to soothe my coughs and minor sore throats issues.  I had read about herb-infused honey and the medicinal properties of white sage.  So there you go...I have white sage and honey in a jar, steeping in the sun.